Now that it’s over

I couldn’t wait for Tuesday to be over. I was so sick of the ads taking over the airwaves on television and radio. I was sick of every post on Facebook being about the election or the candidates. I saw a meme that said “Now we can go back to posting pictures of dinner and cat memes”. Yes. Please. Some normalcy.

But that’s not what happened. Oh yes, the ads stopped (unless like me you had 3 weeks worth of stuff on the DVR and just when you thought it safe, BAM! A political ad from 2 weeks ago. Ugh!) Instead, it seems people are at each others throats more than before last Tuesday. People are in shock and upset and frustrated. I get that. I get protesting. I don’t get violence and destruction of property. I don’t get behaving exactly as you are accusing the other side of acting like. I’m naive and foolish. Cuz I truly don’t get it.

I’m not shy of my Conservative principles. Less Federal government. More states rights. I also have some dear family and friends who are on the completely different side on the coin. More government. More taxes. More control. We fundamentally disagree. And I respect their right to feel the way they do. I would fight for their right to feel they way they do. What I won’t do is fight them or anyone else because they disagree with MY principles. I won’t be looting a building or setting a trash dumpster on fire. I won’t be pulling a Hillary supporter out of their car and beat them senseless. I won’t be beating a poor precious dog because *I think* the owner is a Hillary supporter. Nope. I won’t do that.

And all of the people who are not discouraging it, all of the silence, all of the “I need a safe space and chocolate and therapy puppy and I can’t begin to take an exam in school and I have feeeeeeelings that need to be acknowledged and here’s a safety pin to show you tolerant I am of anyone different from me unless you disagree with me” people are in fact contributing to this. Not speaking out about burning couches in the street is a form of acceptance of that behavior. The key is “speaking”. Talking. And oh, maybe listening to understand instead of listening to respond.

I have learned soooooo much from my liberal friends and family. I embrace and cherish them and what they have taught me. I’m all for gay marriage and I will gladly stand up and defend that to everyone who will listen. Sadly, I don’t think I have influenced any of them to see my way of thinking. Not that they need to agree with me, just to understand why I think the way I do about certain issues. To them, I’m just wrong and am labeled all those words Hillary ticked off her list a few weeks ago. I think that makes me the saddest of all. That deep down, that’s what people who know me really think of me when they say “Oh she’s a *whisper* Conservative”. It reminds me of that scene from St. Elmo’s Fire where Wendy’s mom always whispers the “bad words” about everything. Remember the scene when Billy is on the roof? She says, “I knew it. *whisper* drugs!”

I wanted to blog last week, but couldn’t and wouldn’t because the feelings were too fresh on both sides. Trust me when I tell you, there are PLENTY of dear friends and family I have that vote R who did NOT even come close to voting for Trump. People on both sides were shocked and dismayed. I wanted to blog over the weekend and I just couldn’t. So here we are. 7 days later and there’s still burning in the streets. Please stop. Please allow yourself to find that common ground and stand firm, together. Realize we can have differences and that is what makes us unique. The world has enough hate. Let’s spread love. And peace. And light. WE are America.


New Blog, New Name, Same Me

This is the post excerpt.

This is my all new blog. New name since I’m not in Ohio anymore. Same me. I’m just me, someone who likes to write about nothing. I stopped for a long time because life stopped me. No, I stopped me because life got too hard. And complicated. And discouraging. And scary. And instead of using this as a tool to help me, I withdrew.

Just when I thought of starting to write again, something else happened. Then something else. It was a very steady stream of near fatal blows for awhile. But now I’m ready. Something told me on October 1, that it was time to get back. Get back to what I’ve let slip, what I’ve been putting off, just getting back, ya know?

So this is the start. I’ll take it as it comes, you can read it as you go. And I’ll learn to channel the ups and downs in a more cohesive way than just stopping dead in my tracks and withdrawing. Thanks for sharing the journey with me.