New Blog, New Name, Same Me

This is the post excerpt.

This is my all new blog. New name since I’m not in Ohio anymore. Same me. I’m just me, someone who likes to write about nothing. I stopped for a long time because life stopped me. No, I stopped me because life got too hard. And complicated. And discouraging. And scary. And instead of using this as a tool to help me, I withdrew.

Just when I thought of starting to write again, something else happened. Then something else. It was a very steady stream of near fatal blows for awhile. But now I’m ready. Something told me on October 1, that it was time to get back. Get back to what I’ve let slip, what I’ve been putting off, just getting back, ya know?

So this is the start. I’ll take it as it comes, you can read it as you go. And I’ll learn to channel the ups and downs in a more cohesive way than just stopping dead in my tracks and withdrawing. Thanks for sharing the journey with me.